Sebastian Knox is a Toronto-based woodwind mouthpiece craftsman who began his formal training in the fall of 2010 with industry legend, musician and master mouthpiece maker, Ted Klum.


Sebastian believes it is a privilege to work with musicians on this level and his work ethic and concept reflect that belief. Finding a voice on your instrument is part of every artist's journey, and working with a skilled craftsman is part of that process. The relationship between the player and the mouthpiece maker one that goes back to the early days of the saxophone itself. 


Before his apprenticeship, Sebastian served many years in the Canadian Forces as a staff musician with formal musical training from the University of Manitoba and Humber College.  It was during his time in college that Sebastian developed a comprehensive knowledge of vintage saxophones, mouthpieces and accessories.  It was his deep love of the craftsmanship evident in these finely made mouthpieces that led him to leave Canada and move his life to New Jersey to apprentice with Ted Klum. 


Since returning to Toronto, Sebastian has been working artists around the world offering custom woodwind mouthpiece services from his studio located in the Corso Italia neighbourhood of Toronto. This studio is an ideal environment to test mouthpieces, as well as a relaxed environment to work one on one.