"The Flat Rate"

"The Flat Rate" is my standard reface, prices in CAD


In "the flate rate", customers pay the flat rate fee*

  • $235| hard rubber

  • $295| brass or silver

  • $355 | stainless stee/bronze/copperl


Within the "flat rate", customers can expect that their mouthpiece will be free of defects, and will have the highest quality hand finishing akin to the master craftsmen of yesteryear. The table shape, the facing curve, and extensive baffle work alongside hours of playtesting are included in the standard reface. No charge for tip ranges up to .010". More extreme jobs will be billed on a case by case basis. The customer can also return for one free adjustment session either in person or by mail. 


The mouthpiece will be balanced, and be true within the principles found in the highest quality vintage and custom mouthpieces.


This service is ideal for customers wanting a standard reface

* Prices are in CAD.  Canadian customers are required to pay HST.

"The Hourly"

"The Hourly Rate" is designed for complicated and time demanding jobs


In "the hourly rate", customers pay an hourly rate of $100/hour* for custom work that is fine-tuned in person. Appointments must be booked in advance. 


This service could include revisions/touch-ups, as well as custom changes to a mouthpiece previously worked on. This would also include repair work, which includes rebuilding a mouthpiece from a chip or repairing a crack. 


This service is ideal for work not covered in a standard reface

* Prices are in CAD.  Canadian customers are required to pay HST.

"The Custom Piece"

American Classic Series hard rubber mouthpieces are now available. Vintage core molds finished one at a time like in the 1950s by Sebastian Knox. 

This process is typically made to order and is being used on bandstands throughout Toronto and the world by some of the finest musicians around today.  We are proud to offer classic designs for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. 

Altos are available in medium-small and small chamber designs.

Tenors are available in medium-large and medium chamber designs.

Prices are is in CAD. Please contact us for more information.

"The Knowledge"

"The Knowledge" is a term for my consultation services


In many industries, "consultation" has become a valuable service that inexperienced consumers are wise to employ. Using a consultant to aid in the purchase/service process saves money that ignorance can waste. 


The experience I've accumulated over the years enables me to have a very keen eye for issues, originality, authenticity, and value. These days, too many people are getting taken advantage of online with erroneously described items, doctored pictures, and mouthpieces in unoriginal condition being sold as original. 


Using me as a consultant will save you money, and gain your peace of mind knowing that you are making the right decisions. 


This service is ideal for people needing an expert opinion