Refacing "The Flat Rate"

Refacing "The Flat Rate"

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"The Flat Rate" is the standard reface, flat rate fees (USD)***:

  • $250 | hard rubber

  • $325 | brass or silver

  • $385 | stainless steel, bronze or copper

Within the "flat rate", customers can expect that their mouthpiece will be free of defects, and will have the highest quality hand finishing akin to the master craftsmen of yesteryear.

The table shape, the facing curve, and extensive baffle work alongside hours of playtesting are included in the standard reface. No charge for tip ranges up to .010". More extreme jobs will be billed on a case by case basis. The customer can also return for one free adjustment session either in person or by mail. 

The mouthpiece will be balanced, and be true within the principles found in the highest quality vintage and custom mouthpieces.

This service is ideal for customers wanting a standard reface.

*** Canadian orders are subject to HST. Contact us for pricing in CAD.